We welcome you to the official website
of Islamic Society of Stillwater (ISS),
Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA. ISS is a
Federally-registered, 501 (c)(3)
non-profit religious organization.

ISS is the only Islamic center in the
Greater Stillwater area. We are a
growing community of students
attending Oklahoma State University
(OSU), besides resident families of
American muslims. Our members come
from all corners of the world

ISS includes a masjid- "
", a women's section and a
weekend Arabic school for kids.
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We are constructing a high-quality
facility for the Muslim community. The
Muslim community in Stillwater,
Oklahoma is asking you for
your help
and support

We are in need for your donations that,
by the help of ALLAH (SWT), will allow us
to build a new Masjid in place of the old
and aging residential-style buildings that
have housed ISS since 1960's.
An Appeal for Your Help!
Masjid As-Siddiq (ISS),
Stillwater, OK
Khutba at 1:40 PM
News and Events
City of Stillwater proclaims
each Friday as an "Islamic
Awareness Day".
View/Download the City
proclamation/certificate below:
Click here to download the
prayer schedule for
Masjid As-Siddiq
Why do we need a new Masjid?
  • The old building has reached the end of its life expectancy
  • The new building will also accommodate the increase in number
    of Muslim residents in town
  • Our kids and youth need an Islamic environment for their
  • Masjid serves as a great place for Dawa’h Activities
Why should you support the construction of Masjid?
  • One of the best ways to earn continuous reward from ALLAH (SWT)
    is to help build a new Masjid
  • Your reward continues both in this life and in the hereafter (as long
    as people pray in that Masjid)
  • Earn Seven hundred times reward (and more) for your generous
    donation (Surah Al- Baqarah; 2:261)
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Islamic Center project!
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